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My Experience With New Life Spectrum Food In A Store

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Posted 10 December 2009 - 03:29 AM

I am now the store manager of a fish store in Manassas, VA. We only feed New Life Spectrum in the store to 99% of the freshwater fish. The saltwater fish are fed it too, but we have to feed other things as well to ensure they are all eating and settling in as fast as possible (all saltwater fish are offered it immediately). We have the lowest mortality rate of any store I have ever worked in. Everything eats it. Fish eat sooner, are healthier, and have better colors. This means they sell better and are of higher value to the customers. I can't remember the last time someone brought back a dead fish or even had one get sick.

We have also had a number of fish breed in the store. Platies, guppies, mbuna cichlids, gold barbs, goldfish, galaxy rasboras, discus, crayfish, and shrimp have all bred in the store.

We have also had a lot of fish eat it that are usually picky eaters. These include: tiretrack eels, bichirs, archer fish, florida gar, mandarin gobies, and many, many others.

We sell it to ensure that all of our fish are kept on the best diet possible. I mainly sell and use Thera+A. However there is one sales drawback, medications rarely move. We almost never need them in the store and the few customers that need them are usually new to us (and sent from the big box stores). But that is a great problem to have. Most customers notice their tanks are cleaner after switching to this food.

We also do aquarium maintenance and have switched many of our service customers over to New Life Spectrum. They find the same results: cleaner tanks, healthier and more colorful fish, and better growth.

I can't imagine not using it.
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